Another excerpt from “Por que CF?” by Pedro Claudio.

To continue the “play” initiated by Ricardo Parente, but now using the Application.cfc, I show here 5 non-documented methods that can entertain us for hours.

To start playing, create a component and name it Father.cfc, with the following content:<cfcomponent>
<cffunction name="ProxyScope">
   <!--- ColdFusion 8 --->
   <cfreturn StructCopy(variables) >
Create an Application.cfc in the same folder, extending the previous component.<cfcomponent extends="Pai">
   <cfset"scope_app" >
   <cfset Variables.pcsilva = "Pedro Claudio" >
Now it’s only playing.
Method getEventInvoker returns the entire class responsible for Application.cfc:<cfdump var="#application.getEventInvoker()#"> getApplicationSettings returns all Application’s properties (similar to the attributes of cfapplication) and plus the methods in the Application.cfc:<cfdump var="#application.getApplicationSettings()#">Identical to the method getApplicationSettings:<cfdump var="#application.getEventInvoker().getThisScope()#">getEventInvoker().invoke executes a method from Application.cfc, here I’ll give you an example with a method that returns all the Application.cfc scopes, including the Variables:<cfdump var="#application.getEventInvoker().invoke('ProxyScope',ArrayNew(1))#">And just to be certain where this method ProxyScope is being executed:<cfdump var="#application.getEventInvoker().getThisScope().ProxyScope.getPagePath()#">

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