What a pain ! I had to transfer 190 domain names from Hover.com to GoDaddy.com and it took me 4:15 hours.
First of all, the previous registrar will not make it easy for you to transfer out the domains, so accept the challenge.
Their web interface is ridiculously slow and complicated, no lists with checkboxes, you have to do it individually for each domain you want to transfer.
On the other hand, GoDaddy personnel helped us by accepting an Excel spreadsheet with the list of domains to transfer with their respective authorization code.
But in order to make that list, I had to do the following…

  • Browse my list of domains at Hover.com
  • Select a domain
  • Click on “Account”
  • Click on “Registry Records” and wait until the Ajax brings the data
  • Choose “Unlock Domain” from the dropdown box
  • Click on “I want to transfer” and wait until the Ajax brings the authorization code
  • Copy the code
  • Save the changes (to remain unlocked)
  • Past the code into the spreadsheet and go back to the domain list

The good thing is that it is over (about 4 hours later), I’m sending the spreadsheet to GoDaddy and they will process it for us.

By the way, we never chose Hover.com as our registrar, our account was sold by ItsYourDomain.com.

5 thoughts on “Bulk Transfer of Domain Names to Another Registrar

  1. I am not surprised. GoDaddy has become proficient in the art of transferring domain names from other registrars to them. An estimated 40% of their 27 million domain names have been “stolen” (under domain transfer) from other registrars, like Register.com and Tucows, even from small companies that have a few thousand domain names,. It is a bait and switch tactic. They charge you $6.95 to transfer your domain names, but they charge the existing customers a renewal rate of $14.95 for a .org domain, as an example. They have increased all prices for existing customers. We will see in years to come a reverse migration of domains from GoDaddy to other registrars after GoDaddy puts themselves in a binder and a hole that will be difficult to climb out of, by registering domain names below cost. Remember those 10 years you registered your domain names for? They have already spent the money you paid in advance for the last 7 years. I am surprised that godaddy.com’s customer support rep. did not offer to go personally to Canada to bring your domain names over to Colorado where they are located, and offer to keep your shoes shined until next year when you get your renewal notice for $20.

  2. @Godaddy Antagonist
    You may be right, but I remember paying $75 for registering domains and then coming down to $35 when competition started. Now, GoDaddy is offering around $12.50 total for renewal depending on the TLC, and for us it is still a good bargain, not counting on their web interface which I find easy and give us total control of the domain. If this scenario changes, of course we will change too. I’m sure there are other companies with much more domains than us, but with about 340 domains to manage, I’m looking for the easiest way, not only cost.
    Anyway, thanks for posting your comments.

  3. They will assist you in shifting in but have you ever tried to shift out ? We moved many of our domains out of godaddy to other registrars dfordomains.com and onlinenic and had a tough time getting the authcode and transferring the domains. Moving out has always been difficult with godaddy

    smaller registrars sometimes land up giving better price and service than godaddy

  4. @jerrymat
    I kind of agree with you, since there is no reason to facilitate the loss of your income. Any company would do the same. For now, we are having good pricing and service with Godaddy, and more than that, I’m not in the position to decide if we transfer out or not. But I’m sure if my boss gets a better deal with another registrar, I’ll have to do all the same again. Thanks for your comment.

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