Reported by Jason P. Dean

A few weeks ago our good friend Matt Gifford announced a contest to give away a free pass to cf.Objective(). This was a great thing for Matt to do and we appreciate his support in promoting the conference and encouraging attendance.

Those that wished to enter the contest were instructed to simply leave a comment explaining why he or she wanted to go to cf.Objective(). Ultimately the winner was determined at random.

Every so often I would go to see what people had been posting and to see if a winner had been announced yet. There were some excellent entries; but one entry by Adam Cameron caught my eye.

“OK, if my name happens to be drawn from the hat, can you pls give the ticket to Sabin instead. It’s great to see ColdFusion interest in the ‘younger generation’, and this should be encouraged, and the thought of a father & son trip to a CF conference makes me smile.”

When I saw this I had to go see what it was about. So I searched through the other comments and found Sabin’s.

Read the entire article here.

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