CFUnited Lunch TimeLast June I attended the CFUnited 2008 in Washington DC, together with my fellow CF developer Matt Horrell from the company we work for. Lots of information, more than we could possibily assimilate, 4 days of hard work attending sessions from 8:30 AM to 10 PM, but it was worthed every penny.
The visit to the Museum of Crime & Punishment was fantastic, not only the museum content but also the drinks and aperitifs served by Teratech. I almost got drunk from the good wine. The good thing was the way back to the hotel, allowed me to walk and come back to normal.
It is always good to meet the icons of our CF world like Sean Corfield, Sandra Clark, Ray Camden, Hal Helms, Charles Arehart and others. Matt and I had the opportunity to have lunch with John Farrar, Sean Corfield, Joe Rinehart and a group of Adobe personnel.

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