I always used version 2 of the best wysiwyg editor out there: FCKeditor. But it began to show it’s age, and some functions didn’t work like I wanted. So I checked for an upgrade.

And yes, did they have one! A completely rewritten editor, now dubbed CKeditor, created byCKsource.com. It looks good, works good, and was easy to integrate.
On the other hand, they really changed the way they do business: if you want the file uploader CKfinder with the editor, you have to pay for it! Previously, all was free. I understand they want to make money, but to pay a license fee per client website would be unreal.
Luckily, there is a free alternative: the CKeditor filemanager plug-in by Core Five

They made a file manager (uploader) plugin which can be used with CKeditor, and is very easy to implement. But as always, Coldfusion wasn’t yet supported. And that’s why I created the CFM connector for CKeditor’s alternative Filemanager!

by Paul Klinkenberg.

Download the CKeditor with FileManager from Paul’s blog “Railo Developer“.

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