ColdFusion 8.0.1 has LiveCycle 2.5.1, so in order for us to have it updated too, we need to follow the steps:

  1. Download and expand to a temp folder
  2. Download and install Adobe LiveCycle Data Services ES
  3. Stop ColdFusion service
  4. Move cf_root/web-inf/flex to cf_root/web-inf/flex_old/
  5. Move cf_root/lib/flex-messaging*.jar to cf_root/lib_backup/
  6. Move cf_root/web-inf/lib/cf-bootstrap-for-flex.jar to cf_root/lib_backup/
  7. Copy temp/Flex3_webtier_for_ColdFusion8/flex to cf_root/web-inf/
  8. Copy temp/Flex3_webtier_for_ColdFusion8/lib/cf-bootstrap-for-flex.jar to cf_root/web-inf/lib
  9. Copy lcds_install_root/resources/lib/flex-messaging*.jar to cf_root/lib/
  10. Expand (use winrar) lcds_install_root/lcds.war to temp
  11. Copy temp/lcds/WEB-INF/lib/cfgatewayadapter.jar to cf_root/web-inf/flex/jars
  12. Copy lcds_install_rootl/resources/frameworks/libs/fds.swc to cf_root/wwwroot/WEB-INF/flex/libs
  13. Copy lcds_install_root/resources/frameworks/libs/player/playerfds.swc to cf_root/WEB-INF/flex/libs/player
  14. Copy lcds_install_root/resources/frameworks/libs/locale/en_US/fds_rb.swc to ColdFusion8/wwwroot/WEB-INF/flex/locale/en_US/fds_rb.swc
  15. Restart ColdFusion service

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