Gary Gilbert wrote a post he called Coldfusion 9 ListToArray bug
where he compares the behavior of that function in ColdFusion 9 with other versions.
It seems that it behaves differently in version 9 if you use curly braces as delimiters, since they are used in implicit structures in ColdFusion 9.

Although I do not think that should be considered a bug, but a different behavior, that will be a problem for those who are migrating from previous versions, and they need to be aware of the delimiter changes

4 thoughts on “ColdFusion 9 ListToArray Using Curly Braces

  1. It is true that Adobe added an additional param to arraytolist called multiCharacterDelimiter (which defaults to false). But that is not the problem, the problem is simply with curly braces, and since there has been no mention of a limitation on what can be used for a delimiter it definitely should be considered a bug.

    differences in behavior from one version to another should be minimized to maintain backwards compatibility, be when behaviour changes it MUST be documented to prevent migration problems.

    not documented = bug or is it a “feature”

  2. @Gary & @Russ
    I haven’t read the CF9 documentation yet. Since you said it is undocumented, then I agree with you both. It’s a bug.
    Thanks for commenting.
    I’d like to take this opportunity to ask your permission to translate articles of your blogs into Portuguese, so I can post them on our Brazilian ColdFusion blog (whith credits, of course)

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