A fast growing organization based in Buckinghamshire are seeking a Coldfusion Developer.​
The role will demand a wide range of technical skills that are commonly used with ColdFusion.​

The day to day activities will involve coding, technical leadership and collaboration with project management and testing teams and it may be necessary to work on more than one project over a number of weeks or months.​

Projects range from relatively small pieces of duration 6-8 weeks up to major implementation that run for 9-12 months.​ All projects are enterprise level e-commerce solutions retailing to end users with full integration to third parties such as payment providers, credit check agencies and service provisioning.​ The role will require cutting edge knowledge and experience in the use of Rich Internet User Experience, Component Based Development, Service Orientated Architecture and Web Services APIs.​
Support for and dedicated use of disciplined development methodologies is crucial to the role including the use of tools such as SVN and TRAC and the implementation of SCRUM and general Agile practices.

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