InControl Consulting is seeking to assemble a core team of Software Engineers. This is a 10 + month contract position with a possibility of contract to hire. This team will be starting this project on the ground floor. Individuals will be selected not only on experience but also their ability to work together in a tight cohesive team.

Required Qualifications –

  • BA/BS with minimum of 5 years experience in Computer Science, MIS or related discipline or have an equivalent combination of related experience and education.
  • Programming experience in Cold Fusion plus one or more of the following: C#.Net, HTML, Flash, Flex, Silverlight, or Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).
  • Database development experience with SQL Server is desired.
  • Software and Systems Engineering principles and practices are sought.

Here is the link.

2 thoughts on “ColdFusion Contract Job in Hillsboro, OR

  1. hello,
    I often see, very often, looking for couldfusion developer in your site. It’s only a curiousity but why so many coldfusion request and why? Is it an USA trend?
    Thanks, Roberto.

  2. @jadd
    Hi Roberto.
    I started this blog with technical articles about ColdFusion, some frameworks, SQL and other categories. The intent was to help the community of ColdFusion developers. But since I have a full time job, lately I have’nt had time to research and publish more technical articles, hence the job offers that I clip from Tweeter and other websites.
    I do not make money with this blog, as you may see, all job articles have a link to their original source where the reader can apply. They make money when you apply for the job. I don’t care, I just want to make it available to more people. Thankfully I have about 900 registered users now which may receive each job opening post, and I’m grateful I can help.
    If you have any technical article that you think could help the community, I’ll be happy to give you access as an author to post.
    I also manage another ColdFusion blog in Portuguese:
    Thanks for your comment.

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