Term: Contract
Duration: 6 months

Systems Analyst are:

  1. Must have excellent oral and written communication skill.
  2. Must be able to maintain an excellent relationship with the users.
  3. Must be able to able to work well with others and to obtain their cooperation and support.
  4. Must be able to develop a detailed understanding of a large complex application quickly.
  5. Must be able to work independently, making the best use of existing resources, to provide high-quality deliverables and solutions.
  6. Must have extensive experience as a Business Systems Analyst providing quality production support for a large, complex application.
  7. Must have extensive experience tracking reported issues and managing issues through to a timely resolution.
  8. Must have extensive experience as a Business Systems Analyst analyzing reported issues to assess the priority, source and impact of the issue and identifying appropriate solutions.
  9. Must have extensive experience as a Business Systems Analyst providing analysis and developing functional specifications for modifications and enhancements to an existing application, as needed.
  10. Must have extensive experience developing and executing test plans and test scripts, for all phases of testing, including functional testing, regression testing and user testing.
  11. Must have extensive experience working with users to implement new application features, including developing user documentation, conducting training sessions and providing hands-on support.
  12. Must have extensive experience developing detailed report specifications and designs.
  13. Prefer extensive experience implementing reports using Oracle stored procedures and Cold Fusion Report Builder.
  14. Prefer Oracle and Cold Fusion development experience necessary to assist in analyzing reported issues and making the necessary changes to address the issue.
  15. Must have experience with the application development process and tools, including the use of source control tools and issue tracking tools

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