This seems to be the same job I posted in the beginning of this month, and it was not taken yet. Since it is another recruiter, I decided to post it again.

Elliot Sharpe from TekSystems is looking for a candidate for this 6+ months contract.
If you are interested, please contact him directly:

Elliot Sharpe
Technical Recruiter
3501 Quadrangle Blvd. Ste 105
Orlando, FL 32817

The client is looking for a Sr. Cold Fusion Developer to join them and migrate an Access database into a web-based application. Candidate will develop the project plan and the over all architecture of the application. Candidate will develop the new web-based application in ColdFusion, SQL Server, ASP.NET and Flex. Candidate may also hook in some additional stand-alone databases. Candidate will also lead other developers in the overall effort.

All candidates must be US Citizens and have the ability to obtain the PRP and NACI clearances. This candidate will help to identify the exact duration of the project. You do not need an active or have held a Security Clearance but need to be able to obtain one if there was ever a need. The common things that turn you down from getting a clearance are a history of financial obligations not met, felonies or multiple misdemeanor arrests, any type of disorders, a strong foreign presence (consistently traveling abroad) and any drug involvement.

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