A leading ecommerce company based in Buckinghamshire are seeking an experienced Coldfusion Developer to join their ever expanding team.​ You will be responsible for the database design and construction as well as all CFML coding.​ This included HTML and Javascript.

You will work with clients to design and produce web applications.​ This includes storing data and communications via emails and payments.​ The system is written in SQL and Coldfusion.

You will be responsible for the architecture, design, development as well as coding.

This is a superb company to work for!

Here is the link.


3 thoughts on “ColdFusion Job Opportunity in Aylesbury, United Kingdom

  1. @Pawan,
    Sorry, you have to talk directly to the job owner, I just post the advertisement. Please click on the link at the bottom of the article and apply for the job.

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