Uni Systems S.A.

Project’s key responsibilities:

  • Analysis and development of the system;
  • Implementation/maintenance of the project;
  • Integration of the system with the other applications;
  • Development, testing and maintenance of the applications written in ColdFusion.


  • University degree with minimum 4 years experience in IT OR non university degree with minimum 6 years of experience in IT;
  • Proven experience in the following IT techniques: Pre-analysis, Analysis, Feasibility studies, Design, Proof of concept, Documentation;
  • Good experience in developing with ColdFusion, ColdFusion MX and Oracle SQL;
  • Proven experience in Fusebox, DreamWeaver, Mach II, WSDL, Web Services, SQL + DB design, MVC, CSS and HTML/XHTML/XSL/XSLT/XML;
  • Experience in Windows XP, Windows 2000, LDAP, Case tools, Internet Information Server, NT user directories, FTP;
  • Excellent language skills in English and/or French.

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