We are looking for Coldfusion Developer (1 team lead & 3 developers).

Summary of the technologies the team will be working with:

  1. Primarily – ColdFusion. Currently version 8, with a view to upgrading to version 9 in the near future.
  2. Oracle (current version – 10g)
    • PL/SQL stored procedures, packages, functions, triggers
    • SQL statements – simple to complex (Multiple table joins, Existential quantifiers, embedded SQL, embedded functions, Unions, etc).
    • Oracle job scheduler
    • Table design / creation, indexing (with support from in-house DBA)
    • Access control of objects over multiple schema (using Grants and Synonyms)

General skills required in the team

  • Proven experience in ColdFusion application development and maintenance (and more specifically, optimization of existing code)
  • Proven experience in ORACLE SQL and PL/SQL (writing and understanding complex PL/SQL objects and writing, understanding, documenting and tuning complex SQL statements.

Here is the link.


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