Industry Intelligence Inc. is an innovative Internet B2B publishing company with a cutting-edge formula that delivers real-time market intelligence to all types of information users in every position within a business. We believe that information is the most actionable only if you get what you need, how you need it, where you need it and when you need it. Our suite of solutions ensures that every information user has 100% relevant and actionable information at their fingertips providing them an immediate pulse of their industry and the macro environment in a single snapshot. As a result, a company can quickly realize optimized decision-making leading to enhanced operational performance and increased corporate profitability.

We are now seeking a highly qualified COLDFUSION PROGRAMMER with the skills, the will, and the fit to succeed in our unique organization and take this team to the next level. We are an extraordinary company looking for extraordinary people. If this describes you, keep reading.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Translate business and technical requirements into extensible, scalable, and maintainable applications
  • Demonstrate best-practice knowledge and apply skills to deliver an effective and efficient solution specific to client needs
  • Full life cycle development – design, develop, test, deploy and maintain enterprise level web applications
  • Knowledge sharing, code review and training with other software engineers
  • Determine new Web technologies to utilize, i. g. , languages, frameworks, and development tools
  • Maintain, debug, or re-write existing code

Academic/ Experience Requirements

  • 2+ years experience creating object-oriented applications in ColdFusion 7/8/9, JavaScript, and SQL is desired; will consider PHP candidates who are willing to learn ColdFusion
  • Willingness to learn new technologies and be a quick learner
  • Experience in writing complex and efficient SQL statements and queries
  • Strong communication and documentation skills
  • Good understanding of Object Oriented Programming and component methodology
  • Advanced knowledge of HTML, SQL, Javascript, and CSS
  • Familiarity with XML/ XSLT, DHTML, and AJAX
  • Experience with a structured programming framework (e. g. , MVC, Fusebox, Model Glue, Coldbox) is a plus

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