® is seeking senior ColdFusion developers to develop new products and services, intelligent customer-focused websites, and automated marketing. Successful candidates will have 5-7 years of ColdFusion experience including 1 year of CF9, be very knowledgeable in OOP designs and concepts, be excellent problem solvers, fast coders, and have superb and verifiable references.® is a web-based telecommunications company headquartered in Los Angeles, California. We provide businesses worldwide with US and international toll free telephone numbers, international local numbers, international call forwarding, IVR, VoiceMail2MyEmail®, Fax2MyEmail®, and advanced call routing.

Applicants MUST Have:
5-7+ years of ColdFusion experience including 1+ year of CF9
5-7+ years experience in SQL
Demonstrated and successful project completion
Advanced knowledge of OOP designs and concepts
Advanced knowledge of SQL
100% fluency in English

Here is the link.

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