At we are looking for an individual to provide IT support on our Coldfusion Servers and Web Sites.

In the next few months we will bring up a new dedicated, remote server running Windows / Coldfusion / Sql Server 2008 etc. We will need technical help setting this up and maintaining it, even though the server is hosted elsewhere and they do provide some tech support.

We also need immediate help installing ColdFusion 9 on local Windows 7 workstations.

Some of this work can be handled remotely, but some support visits to our office in Los Gatos / Santa Cruz Mtns will be required. It’s a good place to work, on top of the mountain, overlooking Santa Cruz and Monterrey bay. We are just 10 minutes from Los Gatos and Scotts Valley.

You must be extremely sharp and knowledgeable when it comes to Windows 7 / ColdFusion / Sql Server / Windows Networking / Windows Servers.

Here is the link.

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