The successful candidate should be a competent Cold Fusion developer with a minimum of 2 years commercial experience with ColdFusion. You should know how to properly plan a web project and manage your time efficiently.

Essential Skills Web Skills

– W3C Standards
– Minimum 2 year’s commercial experience of ColdFusion MX 7.0 (or above)
– Some experience of CFCs
– JavaScript
– Inline SQL
– Stored Procedures
– MS SQL 2000 (or above)
– Relational database design
– Windows Server 2003 IIS / DNS
– Eclipse or DreamWeaver
– Source Control
– Adobe Photoshop (or similar) for image manipulation
– Cross browser testing

Desirable Web  Skills

–    Some knowledge of Frameworks / Methodologies like FuseBox 3.0 (or above) and MVC
–    Experience of ColdFusion 8.0
–    O/O ColdFusion
–    Service Layers / Gateways / Facades
–    Ajax (and knowledge of Ajax Libraries i.e. EXT)
–    MS SQL 2005
–    Understanding of Software Development Methodologies
–    SVN Source Control
–    Experience of Content Management System development
–    Experience of Bespoke database driven transactional websites
–    Knowledge of writing secure applications and SSL
–    Experience integrating with Web Services
–    Experience integrating with Payment Gateways
–    Experience with development for HTML email marketing
–    Knowledge of email client HTML rendering problems
–    Configuring ColdFusion Server

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