Turkey’s leading e-commerce applications developer and implementer Artmedya Internet Advertising Ltd. will work within the ColdFusion programming language for software professionals looking for judges.

General Qualifications:

  • Areas with at least 2 years work experience,
  • Inclined to team work, analytical thinking,
  • Dynamic, powerful, and the development of communication open to
  • Literature in English, knows the level that can be followed,
  • Software requirements and business rules on the creation of experience,
  • specializing in Cold Fusion programming language, developed web applications, experience in analysis and design,
  • Aspx and PHP • Intermediate level knowledge,
  • knowledgeable about fusebox 3,
  • Ajax, JavaScript, FBML (Facebook markup language), CSS, XML and Web Technologies experienced in
  • Linux and Windows 200x server setup and management of information and experiences,
  • To have knowledge of MySQL and database issues,
  • For male candidates who have completed military service.

Here is the link.

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