The Moneypaper is a seasoned financial institution with over 25 years of history. We publish numerous financial publications and operate a widely used brokerage service. We have a large trusting customer base from all over the country and around the world. We currently have an opening for a dedicated and resilient programmer with expert ColdFusion skills. Your main objectives and responsibilities will be to work on new and existing financial applications, public websites, and private business critical intranet applications.

The following skills are mandatory:

  • Expert level of Coldfusion skill: This includes working with CFC’s,
  • Frameworks, and application variables.
  • Expert level of SQL skill: You must know how to work with and create normalized table structures, write complex queries, and use joins, sub-queries, and functions.
  • HTML / CSS: You must be fluent in HTML and CSS. You will be using it extensively on numerous public websites.
  • Proficient knowledge of XML (for use with frameworks and web services).

Simple coders need not apply:

We need our candidate to be energetic, organized, and forward thinking. You will not only be requested to complete tasks, but you will be relied upon to come up with suggestions, improvements, and logical additions to the projects you are working on.Your attitude and ability to produce in theme of our objectives is just as important as your technical skills.

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