Job Description:
Programmer-Analyst capabilities with 4-7 years of experience, relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals, performs a variety of complicated tasks, may lead and direct the work of others, may report directly to a project lead or manager, a wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected.

Core skills:

  • Development of data driven web content (menus, etc.) using Cold Fusion (CFMX)
  • Development of web based apps using Cold Fusion (CFMX)
  • Skilled in SQL DB Design and implementation
  • Knowledge of MS Access database
  • Data conversion and migration between databases.
  • Strong development of Standards compliant HTML and XML
  • Understands SQL injection
  • Also should understand cross site scripting security vulnerabilities.
  • Learns and adapts quickly to changing requirements


  • JavaScript and AJAX would also be useful, not hard requirements.
  • Experience with use of Middleware and EDI interface

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