Technology company located in the region of  Sacomã, São Paulo hire professionals to work with ColdFusion.

There are several vacancies, and hiring practices is CLT with all the benefits (meal vouchers, transportation passes, 13th Salary, vacation, health insurance / dental, life insurance). The salary will largely depend on the level of knowledge of the developer. Since there are multiple vacancies in different sectors / products of the company, details of vacancies will only be given during the interview according to the profile of each professional.

The professional must be trained or be attending college in technology (computer science, software engineering, systems analysis, information systems and the like).

Desirable knowledge in Oracle and Java.

English is a plus.

Interested please send resume to email rh[at]tecnogroup[dot]com[dot]br, please put the subject “Developer CF (ColdFusion Group Brazil). “

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