D M S Computer Recruitment

Experience Required:

The Web Application Developer will have had several years of experience developing complex web applications – probably – but not essentially – within a web agency environment. Approximately 5-years experience is ideal – but more important is the ability to show a proven track-record of successful, live websites and applications that match the kind of projects we deliver for our clients.

Skills and Expertise Required:

  • Extensive working knowledge and experience of Adobe Coldfusion
  • A full and complete knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server and SQL scripting
  • A complete understanding of HTML/CSS – and how the applications developed integrate with the ‘front end’ elements of such a project
  • Preferably some experience and/or understanding of Classic and .Net ASP and also PHP
  • In addition to full competence with Microsoft SQL Server, an understanding of the workings of MySQL would also be beneficial

Salary: £30,000 to £40,000 per year

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