Job Specifications:

  • Minimum one year programming in Adobe Flex Required, 2+ years preferred.
    Intermediate Flex (including 3.0) and HTML web development skills in a CRM environment with focus on contact mgmt, security, and advanced search capabilities required.
  • Must have working knowledge of Flex functions, data access and manipulation, and data types, as well as strong experience with use of web services. User interface design experience desired, but not required.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Use ColdFusion and HTML skills to develop tools and functions for eCommerce sites with dynamic content. Must have knowledge of CF functions, CF tags, data access and manipulation, and simple data types.
  • Ability to interface ColdFusion with relational databases (preferably MS SQL Server). Must have data access skills and the ability to understand database table structures in order to formulate queries.
  • Use Javascript to perform cross platform client side validation.
  • Understanding of XML implementation to communicate to a variety of platforms via the web.
  • Knowledge of versioning systems (CVS or MS SourceSafe preferred).
  • Ability to test and debug code.
  • Ability to be on call 24X7 as required.
  • Other duties as required.

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