We are looking for an extra ColdFusion programmer to add to our small team. You will be working with another experienced CF programmer.

These are the kinds of things you will be doing:
1. make changes to existing code in CF and SQL
2. creating new pages from templates provided to you in PNG format
3. prepare final XHTML/CSS from the PNG files given to you
4. add new features/tools/functionality to existing pages in CF / SQL

Basically, I am looking for someone to help us speed up our development of small projects and changes to existing projects. You should be very well experienced with CF (we are using CF9) and SQL Server, writing SQL code and Stored Procedures, etc.

Other requirements:
1. you must be comfortable working on adult related content (men)
2. our office hours are 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Pacific Time
3. be great at commenting your code
4. be comfortable working in a diverse gay office environment

Here is the link.

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