• Seeking 8+ years of experience
  • Experience in ColdFusion (7 or 8), with a focus on development using CFCs
  • Exposure to frameworks like Fusebox, Model glue, and Mach-II is preferable.
  • Ability to read and create UML class and sequence diagrams.
  • Experience in writing web pages using XHTML for content and CSS as the primary form of presentation.
  • Previous experience with Ajax would be a plus.
  • Must have a programming background with some object oriented language(s) like Java, C# or C++.
  • Experience with web services is preferable.
  • Must have led a team of 3 or more developers.
  • Must have experience in designing complex multi-layered systems.
  • Experience with search technology is a plus.
  • Thorough understanding of version control is necessary
  • Coldfusion Certification

Here is the link.

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