I am looking to fill a developer spot. Telecommute is a likely option as the company is based in California. I am looking for someone in the Orlando area or central Florida. I live east of Orlando and seek a developer as close as possible so that we can meet face to face on occasion to work on projects.

I am looking for a well rounded web application developer with a minimum of 5 years Coldfusion, Utilizing CF and MS SQL on a daily basis engineering and supporting web applications. Also preferred is someone that has full development life cycle abilities from discovery to coding and documentation.

Below is a break down of skills and minimum requirements.

  • Coldfusion (up to at least v7) 5 years.
    • Framework exp required: Fusebox 5.5 (prefer nonXML), Coldbox (moving away from Fusebox to Coldbox)
    • CFC OOP: at least 3 years working with CFC’s and for the last year implementing OOP techniques with CFC’s.
  • MS SQL 5 years. we are using SQL Server 2000 currently but looking to upgrade to 2008 soon.
    • DBA and T-SQL Developer exp is a huge plus. admin, security, tuning and trouble shooting.
  • Source Control with subversion 2 years
  • Managing Windows server as a web application server. 5 years
    • You should be able to set up, maintain and troubleshoot all aspects of a web application hosting environment. CF Admin, SQL Server, IIS, ODBC, DNS, FTP etc…
  • Javascript & CSS 5 years.
    • Modern web interface scripting & development exp is required. We currently and will continue to use jQuery for all our UI scripting and AJAX so any experience with jQuery is a huge plus.
    • Experience using a modern standards compliant CSS framework is required, We use YUI Grids currently. You won’t be using tables for page layout here.
  • Adobe Flex v2+ 1 years.
    • We have some upcoming projects that are well suited for the Flex platform so I am very interested in someone with Flex experience.
  • Common sense and good mindset for developing usable software using modern patterns and techniques.
  • Ability to step outside your comfort zone and explore and learn new things.
  • The ability to hit the ground running and complete projects with little or no supervision, a strong work ethic is required.

I am looking for a creative and sharp individual that is passionate about software development and has an appetite for technology. If your the kind of person that is always looking for something to tinker with so you can try out different platforms or techniques or always looking to make the next project better than the last then your a good candidate.

This is a full time salary position so you will have access to Health and Dental Ins as well as 401K, Vacation time off etc.. The salary and benefits are competitive. Your role in this company will give you the ability to directly contribute to it’s success.

Interested candidates should send their Resume and salary requirements to me at jbeckton at gmail dot com, your subject line should begin with “CF Resume”. Be prepared to provide code samples to verify your experience as well as references.

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