4 thoughts on “Dear ColdFusion – I’m breaking up with you

  1. You ROCK! LOVE IT!

    I am not breaking up…


    After paying $6k / yr / server * 12 years, I make 1 call to tech support and get a foreign national that never heard of ColdFusion before. Then weeks later get notice that CF8 does not support tomcat. This is the level of service that $80k of tech support fees gets me? RAILO FN ROCKS!

    ADOBE, I am asking you to show me the love????

  2. True, time to fall in love with Play! Framework? That’s MVC powered and TypeSafe stack (Scala, Play! Framework and Akka) can scale out without limitation.

  3. Joe must have spent a while making that video! 🙂 Some good points there. I hope Adobe can spare 14 mins to take them all in.

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