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This position is responsible for the comprehensive thought management, integration and delivery of web-centric consumer-facing solutions that span multiple architectures and platforms.

This position will work closely with multiple delivery teams using different technologies and techniques, bringing together appropriate technologies to meet specific objectives.

Key technical skills and background requirements will include:

  • Must be well versed in state-of-the-art social networking including:
    • Facebook applications
    • Myspace applications
    • Youtube tracking and marketing
    • Friend referral tracking with mobile and web content
    • eMail marketing
  • Must have experience with web content management, integration of content management with search engine statistics, and enterprise content
  • Must have working knowledge of the creation of graphical design and creative content to support consumer web sites and/or mobile applications, including the creative workflow and tools:
    • Dreamweaver / Fireworks / Flash builder etc.
    • Javascript
    • Flash
    • YUI or other similar 3rd party libraries
  • Must have experience managing the development of a large database-driven web application built using at least one of the following technologies:
    • Cold Fusion 8 or 9
    • jRuby
    • Groovy
    • Jython
    • PHP
  • Must be an expert managing application delivery using RUP or other agile web & mobile application development methodologies
  • Must have experience with application acceleration technologies, including content caching using partners such as Akamai or Limelight, Geographical load balancing, dynamic content caching, dynamic content caching and performance tuning.
  • Must understand how to optimize consumer web sites and mobile content for search engine optimization and performance
  • Must have working knowledge of data management techniques, including the use of ETL tools in application design, localized databases for mobile applications, etc.

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