Have you wondered where you can find more about ColdFusion 11’s mobile development features? (Did you know that CF11 added such features?) There are several resources provided by Adobe and others. In this post I highlight those various resources, with a focus on the many (and many kinds of) Adobe-provided ones.

How I came to gather this info, and how some have missed it

I had a client recently ask about where he might learn more about ColdFusion’s “new mobile development features”. He thought it was new to CF12 (in prerelease) but I explained that it was actually introduced in ColdFusion 11.

He’s not the first person who was not aware of that change in CF11. A lot of people just don’t pay close attention to what’s in each new CF release, especially when it first comes out. I find that many wait a year or more before they consider a move to a new release. Of course, some are waiting for a first update or point release, but there can be other reasons.

Anyway, as for the mobile features in CF 11, note that some aspects are in CFML, while others are provided via functionality in ColdFusion Builder 3. (I’m not interested here to discuss the prods, cons, or debates about the feature set. I’m just wanting to point out resources for those who want to consider it.)

To find more about how to use it, including docs, articles, videos, and more, read on.

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