I got a “tip” from a colleague in the Brazilian ColdFusion mailing list about using Google to calculate currency conversions. I decided to test it and I’m amazed with the results, not only currency, but also measure units…
Try this, type the following in the search box and see the result:

Search box Result
250 * euro 220 * Euros = 286.59400 U.S. dollars
sterling * 220 British pound * 220 = 325.44600 U.S. dollars
180 * pound 180 * pounds = 81.6466266 kilograms
yards * 200 yards * 200 = 182.88 meters

5 thoughts on “Google As a Converter

  1. Hi,

    you can also search for

    “250 USD in RUB”


    250 U.S. dollars = 8 373.52626 Russian rubles

  2. You don’t even need the * in some cases, just type in
    220 euros
    220 pounds
    220 yards

    alernatively type in
    220 euros in dollars
    220 yen in euros
    220 miles in inches
    to do any conversion you need

  3. That’s pretty neat actually.
    250 USD in DKK
    250 U.S. dollars = 1 321.37402 Danish kroner
    I will use Googles converter in the future, rather then my online bank.

  4. It’s a good and quick tool, there are actually far more handy tools similar to this one, for example Get the local time anywhere enter simply what time is it to get the local time in big cities around the world, or add the locale at the end of your query, like what time is it hong kong to get the local time there.

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