I just got a request to post this job openings for two ColdFusion positions in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. It is a ColdFusion/Linux/Apache/PostgreSQL shop. You may send your resume to David : dstjohn[at]weatherflow[dot]com.

Here is the text:

Join our growing IT office in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, and help us build and maintain leading edge, weather-centered web applications. Ideal candidate should enjoy ColdFusion but not be opposed to using other languages and 3rd party tools. You will wear many hats, but your primary responsibilities will be helping to write the applications that drive the front-end of our websites.

WeatherFlow is a small but growing business. You will become a critical member of our tech team, so communication and problem solving skills, initiative, and desire to learn are valued as much as experience.

Requirements: Demonstrable experience with ColdFusion, SQL, and Linux systems a must. Passion for meteorology or wind sports a plus.

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