G1 PhoneAfter about 4 months of use, early this week my G1 phone stopped charging. I could not use it off the charger for more than 1 minute. I called T-Mobile’s tech support and did some troubleshooting with them. Finally they decided to send me a new battery. I was lucky to have a spare phone (my old Blackberry), so I placed the SIM card in the Blackberry and I managed to have a  working phone for the 4-day waiting period for the battery to arrive. I got the new battery Saturday, charged it and it lasted from Saturday night until now (about 24 hours). So I had to charge it again, although I have not talked on the phone for those 24 hours. It seems that the batteries are not well designed for this phone. That makes me think about why din’t I move to the iPhone ?! I’m a loyal T-Mobile customer for about 4 years, love their service (best customer service I ever experienced), never had any problems with access, drop calls, etc… The G1 phone is not bad, it is a start of a new age, open source but it is still very “probie” in this existing cell-war .

Well I’m sure many people are complaining about the same issue and I hope T-Mobile finds a solution soon. I’ll give it another chance, since I had no costs for this new battery, just the headache of not using the Internet in my Blackberry for 4 days.

7 thoughts on “My G1 Phone's Battery Died on Me

  1. @jake
    If I use the phone during the day, say like 5-10 phone calls, then I have to charge it every night. If I leave it in standby, it will have charge for 1.5 days.
    I just got updated to RC33, let’s see if that helps.
    Thanks for your comment.

  2. Wow, I did not know folks were having trouble with their G1 batteries so soon! Heck, the G1 has only been on the market for a little less than three months. I agree, it needs to get better than that.


  3. This is unfortunate. You would hope two companies so well known as Google and T-Mobile could come up with a longer lasting battery.

  4. My G1 just died on me also. How unfortunate.
    It eats up the battery real fast, and my screen brightness is on the lowest possible.

  5. I’ve had my G1 for about a week. If i make 1 or 2 phone calls my full charge battery goes to yellow….not to mention i dont see a stop button for the music player so i have to keep it paused which may be killin the battery i have no idea 🙁

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