Last week I bought a NetBook for my brother-in-law. I will not tell the brand here because I don’t know if it was my bad luck, and I don’t have statistics to affirm that brand is not good. But since I finished the Windows pre-setup and installed Firefox and other programs he asked me for, the hard-drive started making a loud noise. After several reboots, turning it on and off, it continued to do so, so I gave up and returned it to the vendor.
I’m now analyzing other brands, since the interest for the small laptops still exists. I found this HP model online and thought it would be interesting in sharing with you, and maybe I can get some feedback on it. It is the HP2133, VIA C7-M 1.2GHz ULV processor, 1024MB DDR2 667MHz SDRAM memory, and a 120GB 5400RPM hard drive.
The price I found on a store was $299.99.
Here is a video showing the product:

3 thoughts on “NetBooks – Are They Good?

  1. the problem is the os, delete windows, install linux and be happy. although windows has more programs (like antivirus, antitrojan, antiphishing…) u will not need them 😉

    by the way, i recently bought a LG-X110, installed debian 5 and i’m very satisfied.

  2. I have a netbook and I absolutely love it. I dont do a whole lot on it though, I use a desktop for anything that is more processor intensive. I just like the netbook for surfing the web etc, and it works great for that.

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