Object-Oriented Programming in ColdFusionBreak free from procedural programming and learn how to optimize your applications and enhance your skills using objects and design patterns.

What you will learn from this book :

  • Make your ColdFusion Components (CFCs) come alive with methods, using object inheritance, connecting to a database through the internal methods of our object/CFCs
  • Create a Bean object, complete with accessors and mutators to set and retrieve properties in the object, including sample code for ColdFusion 9 script components
  • Optimize and encapsulate your functions to improve code portability
  • Introduce the Bean into ColdFusion object-oriented programming design patterns, discover the benefits of code inheritance and understand polymorphism
  • Persist objects in memory throughout your applications
  • Examples of OOP concepts and basic design patterns
  • Create a service layer or façade to interact with your objects

Here is the link to Packt Publishing

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