Search engine uncovers and maps job openings.

The creators of a new job-hunting Web site say they’ve built a specialized search engine that digs around the Web looking for jobs that may not be advertised elsewhere.

The search engine is part of ZubedJobs, a Web site that launched on Wednesday with a focus on showing vacancies within the U.K., said Ian Haynes, chief executive of the Triad Group, which runs Zubed Geospatial, which created the site.

Interesting, when I went to the site and searched for jobs in London with keywords “ColdFusion” and “web developer” , I got just one record, posted by Mark Drew looking for a ColdFusion developer for Railo. The job was marked on the map at Craven Street.

Very cool. I hope they expand that service to the U.S. too.

Here is the address:

3 thoughts on “New Site for Job Search in U.K.

  1. In a Google search – type coldfusion, uk – you’ll come across the (UKCFUG)United Kingdon Coldfusion User Group.
    Its the 1ST one to come up.

    Ive always found jobs posted there on my search for work, if not seek to Proveer Consulting, a chap called Andy and they are up to date.

    Best of luck with the site looks interesting.


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