Last month, during my vacation in Rio de Janeiro, I took the opportunity to accept an invitation from the educational foundation Dom André Arcoverde in Valença (State of Rio de Janeiro) to talk about current web technology  in the United States. I spoke to the Faculty of Information Technology about ColdFusion and other Adobe products like Flex, Air, but mostly about ColdFusion.

I want to thank Ben Forta and the Adobe Team for their support in sending me several Powerpoint presentations and DVDs for distribution.

Unfortunately, maybe because of the security detectors at the airports, my netbook failed and I lost everything I had prepared, even the backup pen-drives. So I had 2 days left to prepare a new presentation. With more information about the level of knowledge of the students there, I could prepare a new presentation on their level, more interactive, with much more code examples. Most of the students and teacher didn’t even know what ColdFusion was.

Well, the final result was amazing. Both students and faculty understood the power of ColdFusion through the examples shown “on-the-fly”. They were amazed by the speed od coding and the results. So, now the faculty is planning to implement ColdFusion at the university for the administration and in a near future, to implement ColdFusion in their curriculum (right now they teach PHP and some Java).

I considered my job done, and hope the CF community can start going to universities and schools to promote our beloved ColdFusion.

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