Railo Technologies will be a Gold Sponsor of RIACON 2012 on August 6-7 2012 in Silver Spring, MD.

We are very excited to announce that Railo Technologies will be our Gold Sponsor and supporting RIACon 2012!

The Railo team are the geniuses behind the open source CFML Application Server Railo and have recently announced the upcoming version 4.0 release!  You can find out more about the release during the “Railo 4” session being presented by Railo’s CEO, Gert Franz.

About Railo Technologies

Railo TechnologiesRailo Technologies provides consulting for all your CFML project needs as well as support, extensions and training for Railo Open Source – the high performance open source CFML engine. Learn more about why people are choosing Railo and the team behind the company. Also, see what other people are saying about Railo


See the article on RIACON site

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