I want to start this blog by saying thanks to Ricardo for inviting me to be part of the CF Developers Network.  But at the same time I want to clarify a couple of things:

1. I am by no means a CF Developer though I own a Web Development Company but our platform is PHP using Joomla CMS primarily

2. I started this path as a Marketing Executive and then focused on the Internet.  So even though I know html and css,  I am primarily an Internet Marketing Professional.

Ricardo and I worked on www.caymanluxuryproperty.com together – him in Florida and me in the Cayman Islands.  We worked by sending each other emails and calling once in a while to clarify details of the optimization process.

Before this project, I had never worked on a website using the CF platform so it was experimental on so many levels. Yes the learning curve was indeed there.

Before we started working on the site, it was no where to be found on Google.  It had been penalized for backdoors and some other black hat SEO practises.

After a month of on-page SEO – correcting semantic structure and taking out all the backdoors and all the content that didn’t make any sense to the user, lo and behold – the website appeared on the second page of major keywords relating to the Cayman Islands Real Estate Industry.

After another month of off-page SEO – maybe spending less than US$ 1500 on trusted directories – the website itself is now a formidable contender for major and minor keywords for their industry.  If I had been given a budget of another 5k I think I would have been able to commit to top 5 of the major keywords.  But, it wasn’t necessary for the client – they were happy to be in the first page.

What I am trying to say here, with as little words as possible (as it is way past my bedtime), is that CF like every other platform available can be optimized and can be SE Friendly (except full flash sites but even then there is always a work around).  You just have to know what you are doing.

Thanks again for the invite Ricardo and I hope you feel better tomorrow.
Cayman SEO

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