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Ryan's Well Foundation

In 1999, seven year old Ryan Hreljac’s first well was built in a Ugandan village. Now the Ryan’s Well Foundation has grown into a family of people committed to delivering access to safe water, as an essential way to improve the lives of people in the developing world. We empower citizens of all ages to take action and effect change in the world.

Access to clean water helps sustain and mobilize communities. Sanitation facilities provide dignity and improve hygiene. Hygiene education facilitates prevention and reduces the risk of life-threatening disease.

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BR6 Papagaio do Futuro

Recorded in October, 2008, at Vokal Xtravaganzza, Slovenia, in the same festival day where it has been recorded the amazing videos Africa and Aquarela do Brasil by Perpetuum Jazzile, BR6 is André Protasio, Crismarie Hackenberg, Deco Fiori, Marcelo Caldi, Naife Simões and Simône

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Perpetuum Jazzile Africa

Another performance of Perpetuum Jazzile, Africa:

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Perpetuum Jazzile Aquarela do Brasil

Although this should be a technical blog for ColdFusion and other web development tools, the lack of code to post (on my part) makes me wandering through other categories, so that I can keep this blog alive and active.

I found this fantastic choir online, singing a classic Brazilian song. First I thought they were Brazilians due to their perfect Portuguese singing. But I was amazed when I read they are from Slovenia.

So I dedicate this video to my friend Marta Gal who is also a Slovenian web developer, living in Belgium.

I collected about 5 videos from Perpetuum Jazzile and I’ll post one of them every day. Here is their website:

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