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ColdFusion Job Opportunity in Chico, CA

Essential Job Functions

  • Ability to code in Java, JavaScript, CSS and HTML
  • Design, tune, and write queries for new and existing data structures
  • Aware of security protocols (XSS, SQL Injection)
  • Lead technical components of web development projects from conception to launch
  • Work with industry professionals and vendors to implement and develop best practices
  • Contribute/develop on open-source projects such as Solr and Memcached

Required Skills and Experience:

  • 5-10 yrs Programming Experience
  • Portfolio and past work demonstrating knowledge of web development practices
  • Experience of creating data structures and writing SQL queries

Recommended Skills and Experience:

  • Experience with systems development, database architecture, SQL management software
  • Experience with XML or equivalent EDI Integration
  • Experience with Frameworks (Coldbox, Coldspring, Fusebox, Mach II, Model Glue, Reactor)
  • Experience with CfEclipse, E-text, or TextMate editors and FTP software
  • Experience with Jira or project management software
  • Experience with Flash ActionScript
  • Ability to code in Coldfusion a plus

Here is the link.


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ColdFusion Long Term Contract Job in New York, NY


We have an immediate need for a ColdFusion Web Developer – long term contract, possible-right-to-hire


CF Developer preferably with certifications from Brainbench, W3Schools, or Adobe/Macromedia. Need experience with SQL Server backend. Coding/recoding in Cold ColdFusion sites. Adding data to the database and will be using the database to produce data.
Additionally, experience with Ruby on Rails development is a big plus

Experience with:

  • Development with CF 8, CFC’s, Suppress Whitespace, working with Array Functions and custom tags.
  • CF Frameworks such as FuseBox, Model-Glue, Mach-II, Reactor or ColdSpring.
  • Eclipse + ColdFusion, CVS, SVN
  • Version control systems including both CVS and SVN
  • JIRA bug tracking tool, JIRA + SVN plug-in
  • SQL
    • – transactions
    • – stored procedures
    • – indexes, use of indexes, types of indexes, why to use what
    • – optimizing SQL queries
    • – optimizing DB tables, indexes
    • – normalization of data
    • – SQL Server 2005
    • – OOP

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ColdFusion Job Opportunity in El Dorado Hills, CA

– Basic object-oriented programming skills
– Good database design/modeling skills
– Understanding of CF frameworks like Fusebox, Model-Glue, Reactor, etc.
– AJAX/JavaScript chops
– Java programming is a big big plus
– Server admin skills would be nice, but not necessary

Here is the link.

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