Charlie ArehartThe Adobe ColdFusion team blog often has really some interesting content, but I find that some people are either not aware of the blog or just don’t keep up on it, or perhaps they have trouble finding something they saw before or maybe heard was there.

So here I present what I feel are the 100 (technically, 105) most interesting/useful posts made there over the past 3 years (2014-16), offering information about CF and CFML which should be valuable to readers for years to come.

This post was motivated somewhat by my previous one highlighting what I felt were my own top 15 most useful posts of the last year. I realize few watch every post offered, and some may be useful but not readily found via google searching.

As for the Adobe blog, perhaps folks may recall seeing some particular post and want to revisit it, but if a search doesn’t find it, there are so many other posts there announcing things like upcoming events or news of upcoming CF updates, and such. It can be a bit tedious paging back through the history trying to find some particular content you might recall seeing in the past, as I found for myself. So I started putting this list together to help everyone.

By Charlie Arehart

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