Have you installed CF10 and found that you still have problems with it running right, even when you have “fully updated” CF10? In this blog entry, I explain how it may NOT be that “CF 10 is broken” but rather that you may have missed an important step when updating it.

In brief, a VERY common problem is that while people MAY WELL apply the provided “updates” (11 so far), they often do NOT notice that they may have to (and generally must) update the web server “connector” (if they are using an external web server, like IIS or Apache) as a separate manual step, after applying the update. I’ll explain what that means, how do to it, why you may miss that you need to.

I’ll also explain how to easily tell if you have done the update or not, so you know whether all this applies to you. I’m betting it does.

Indeed, getting the web server connector updated is the solution to a majority of problems I see people have, when they feel that problems are tied solely to a recent move to ColdFusion 10.

Read on to learn much more.

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