Text about the world crisis by Muniz Neto, director of art and partner at Bullet, one of the biggest advertisement agencies in Brazil. As one person commented, too bad that this text is only posted on blogs and not distributed by the mass media.

I’m going to present to you a slide show. Are you ready?
It is very common, you have already seen these images before, perhaps you are already used to them.
It starts with those hungry children from Africa, those with visible bones underneath the skin, flies on their shoulders.
The slide show goes on.
Exodus of entire populations. Hungry people, poor people, people with no future.
During decades, we saw these images at Discovery Channel, National Geographic, photo competitions.
Some even turned out to be art objects, in books of important photographers.
These are images of misery that touch us.
These are images that create government platforms, create non-governmental organizations, entities, social movements.
The world misery touch us, being either in Uganda, Ceará (Brazil), India or Bogotá (Colombia) .
We discuss what could we do, year after years. Years of pressure to educate and touch leaders from the most powerful nations of the world.
They say that it would be necessary 40 billion dolares to solve the hunger problem in the world. To solve, capicce ? To extinguish. It would not exist any little boy extremely skinny and with no future, in any corner of the planet.
I don’t know how they calculated this number, but let’s say that it is undervalued.
Let’s say it is double, or triple. With 120 billion the world would be a better place, more just.

There was no parade, political speech, philosopher or touching photo. There was no documentary, non-governmental organization, lobby or pressure to solve, but in one week, the same leaders, the same potencies, took from their pockets 2.2 trillion dollars (700 bi in USA, 1.5 tri in Europe) to bail out from hunger those which already had their belly full: banks and investors.

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