I had a terrible fllight from Miami to Rio de Janeiro. My flight, American Airlines #905, had to do an unscheduled stop in Manaus (north of Brazil) to allow a passenger who had heart problems to be attended. After 3 hours waiting inside the plane, finally we were cleared to continue the trip.

Soon as we landed in Rio de Janeiro, our plane was kept off the terminal in quarantine while they redirected all passengers to a room for health inspection. That transformed my normal 8:30-hour trip into a 13-hour one.

That made me be late for the Mother’s Day lunch with the family at a famous steakhouse, but I made it and found everyone there waiting

Well I flew the next day (Monday) to the northeast and I’m enjoying my vacation in the beaches of Maceio, state of Alagoas.
Maceio04 Maceio03 Maceio02

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