I want to apologize for the lack of job postings in these last two weeks. I had to travel unexpectedly to Rio de Janeiro due to my mother’s passing away suddenly. It was a big stress for me and my family.

I got back to Orlando this morning

The good part of the trip was that I got to meet in person two icons from the ColdFusion group CFBrasil, FelipeMX and João Felipe. We had lunch at a typical Brazilian restaurant in Ipanema, “Brasileirinho”, and discussed the possibility of having Gert Franz (Railo) talking to universities and schools in the near future. They are young, full of talent, excellent programmers and are willing to help the CFML growth in Brazil with implementation of Railo open source.


4 thoughts on “Back from Rio de Janeiro

  1. Ricardo, foi muito bom poder ter esta chance de realizar um networking com você! Espero que os planos consigam fluir e consigamos trazer o CFML à tona aqui em nossa região!
    Sucesso para você neste retorno aí meu caro!

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