Charlie ArehartMy recent articles on the Adobe CF Community portal

As some of my readers will know, Adobe has recently created and opened a CF Community portal, for folks to share blog posts, testimonials, showcases, and more. It’s even an alternative way to participate in the Adobe CF forums.

Anyway, I have contributed several blog posts (some really article-length, and all written as standalone “articles”, so I am referring to them that way here, and in my “articles” page).

I wanted to point to them out in a post here as well. I was also torn about whether to post them in their entirety here, whether before or after posting them there, but for now, I have posted the content only there.

One issue with the portal, though, is that if an author edits one, the date changes to the date EDITED, not the date CREATED. And then they show up in the portal in that date edited order, which is incorrect both because it can be abused (or confusin), but also because but not properly reflecting when the note was written, some context could be lost. Fortunately, in most of the posts, the date created DOES appear correctly when you open the post, though even that is not always accurate. So I have put here the correct date created for each.

I welcome your feedback and/or comments, though please do direct those to the respective blog posts on the portal. 🙂 And I hope more folks will consider contributing.

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