Note that #ColdFusion 10 Update 13 is for OS X-only…and some concerns

Some of you may have seen that Adobe released a new hotfix for ColdFusion 10 last night, called Update 13. If you only read the text in the update (shown in the “Server Update” page of the CF admin), you might proceed to apply that update.

But guess what: it technically is only needed if you’re running Mac OS X (specifically adding support for its Mavericks version).

This is indeed clarified if you read the technote that the update text points to, or the Adobe blog entry from last night which announced the update (more on these in a moment.) Those DO indicate that if you are not running that OS, you need not apply the update.

But what if you are on Windows (or another Linux variant besides OS X)? Should you apply it? What if you do? What if you don’t? Given that the update text says you need to reconfigure the web server connector, do you really need to bother on Windows?

As important, how might Adobe have better clarified this, and how might they make a simple change now related to that?

I address these questions and a few other concerns in this blog entry.

[Continued at Blog]

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