Small growing company, based in Ypsilanti, Michigan, seeks experienced ColdFusion programmer for open-ended contact position. Compensation and responsibilities will be dependent upon the specific skill set of the applicant. Highly qualified applicants could receive 30-50 hours of long-term contract work per week.


  • Basic to Advanced ColdFusion. Should be comfortable with the syntax and functionality of Cold Fusion. Currently, we require Cold Fusion MX 7 as a minimum for our installations, so your knowledge should meet or exceed that release.
  • Basic to Advanced SQL Server. Should be able to create and maintain moderately advanced SQL (such as the use of UNIONS and OUTER JOINS). Advanced skills (ie. Triggers, Store Procedures, Indexing, Deadlock troubleshooting) would be highly regarded but not required.
  • Basic to Advanced HTML. Comfort generating tables-based HTML. Familiarity with CSS would be helpful in the long term, but not of immediate need.
  • Basic to Advanced Javascript. Ability to create custom Javascript when necessary and comfort in accessing pre-existing Javascript libraries up to and including AJAX integration.

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One thought on “ColdFusion Contract Job in Ypsilanti, MI

  1. This is not a valid job posting. It was filled last summer and no other positions are being filled at the company at this time.

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