My Client an international systems integration company is seeking a team of coldfusion developers. Summary of the technologies the team will be working with:

  1. Primarily – ColdFusion. Currently version 8, with a view to upgrading to version 9 in the near future.
  2. Oracle (current version – 10g)
    • – PL/SQL stored procedures, packages, functions, triggers
    • – SQL statements – simple to complex (Multiple table joins, Existential quantifiers, Embedded SQL, Embedded functions, Unions, etc).
    • – Oracle job scheduler
    • – Table design/creation, indexing (with support from in-house DBA)
    • – Access control of objects over multiple schema (using Grants and Synonyms)
  3. The use of HTML and CSS according to in-house development styles and guides.
  4. JavaScript, AJAX and JQuery as supporting technologies to enhance the performance and usability of applications.

General skills required in the team

  1. Proven experience in ColdFusion application development and maintenance (and more specifically, optimization of existing code)
  2. Proven experience in Oracle SQL and PL/SQL (writing and understanding complex PL/SQL objects and writing, understanding, documenting and tuning complex SQL statements.
  3. Proven experience of building web application front ends in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and AJAX
  4. A solid understanding of UML (both understanding and amending existing diagrams and creating new diagrams and supporting artefacts). Experience in the following areas of UML will be essential in the majority of the team:
  5. Use case diagramming
  6. The Effective writing of Use case descriptions and use case scenarios
  7. Activity diagrams
  8. Component diagrams and deployment diagrams to a lesser degree.
  9. Experience of the Enterprise Architect tool for viewing and creating UML.
  10. A good understanding of the Agile development and project management process (specifically the SCRUM methodology)
  11. Experience of working with both Microsoft Source Safe and Subversion source control repositories.
  12. Experience of working with Agile project management software.

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